Blue Wicked

Alan Jones
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[Aboot] About                Ah huvnae seen ye aboot

[Ae] Of                       Yer a bunch ae shiters

[Aff] Off    Ah thought ma dick wis goin tae faw aff

[Ah] I                   Ah hope tae fuck its no’ me

[Ah’ll] I’ll                        Ah’ll be aff noo

[Ain] Own                  Ah’m oan ma ain the night

[An’] And                 An a cannae say ah’m sorry

[An’ aw] As well                Yehs can come an’ aw

[Anither] Another           Gie’s anither drink, man

[Arse-bandit] Gay man       Yer a fucken arse-bandit

[Askin’] Asking              Ah’m no’ askin fir much

[Auld] Old                       She’s an auld bitch

[Aw] All                       Ye can aw go tae fuck

[Aye] Yes, Always  Aye, ah’m daft, an ah aye will be

[Awready] Already         It’s awready three o’clock

[Baith] Both                   Baith o’ us are goin’

[Barras] Glasgow's famous East End market

                      Ah’m nippin doon tae the Barras

[Bam] Nutter, stupid   He’s mair of a bam than usual

[Bas] Short for bastard

                  Ya stupit bas, yeh’ve lost yer keys

[Bein’] Being              Stop bein’ an arse-licker

[Boattle] Bottle        Yeh’ve goat a lot o’ boattle

[Boufin’] Smelly or disgusting   Yer feet ur boufin’

[Broo money] Social Security payments

                 Ah’m skint ‘til ah get ma broo money

[Buckie] Buckfast fortified wine, favourite of young Scots drinkers        Ah goat ma buckie fae the offy

[Burd] Woman \ girlfriend    Jimmy’s goat a new burd

[Burst ma baws] annoy me         Don’t burst ma baws

[Calm the beans] Calm down    Calm the beans, ya bam

[Cannae] Cannot                 Ah cannae believe it

[Comin'] Coming             ah’m no’ comin the night

[‘cos] Because          ‘cos ah’m feelin’ like shite

[Coupon] Face         She’s goat some coupon oan her

[Dae] Do                          Gonnae no dae that

[Deid] Dead              Ah heard she wis stone deid

[Dilutin’ juice] Concentrated fruit squash

                    Gie the wean some dilutin’ juice

[Do-ins] Beatings       He goat doins’ every weekend

[Doon] Down           Ah’m nippin doon tae the shops

[Doss] Sleep \ find a bed       Ah’ll doss doon here

[Drinkin’] Drinking         Ah wis drinkin’ aw night

[Dyin’] Dying                   Ah’m dyin fir a shag

[Efter] After                      Whit ur ye efter?

[Fae] From                    Ah’m Dougie fae Milton

[Fanny] Woman \ sex    Thon club’s swimmin’ wi fanny

[Faur] Far                 How Faur’s the hoose away

[Faw] Fall                    Watch ye don’t faw aff

[Filth] Police, derogatory term    Ah hate the filth

[Fir] For      He’s hopin’ fir a win at the  bookies

[Fit] Foot, twelve inches     It wis only a fit wide

[Frae] From              Ah robbed it frae the Co-op

[Fucken] Fucking              It’s a fucken disaster

[Fuckwit] Derogatory term for someone stupid

                            Whit sorta fuckwit ur ye?

[Fur] For              Fir fuck’s sake, gie’s a brek

[Furst] First         Ah wisnae furst tae crash, man

[Fuzz] Police, derogatory term   The fuzz screwed me

[Gaff] Home \ house \ place to stay   Here’s ma gaff

[Gaggin’] Desperate \ needing    Ah’m gaggin’fur wan

[Gear] Drugs                   Huv ye goat ony gear?

[Gettin'] Getting                   Ye getting much?

[Gie] Give                   Don’t gie me that shite

[Gimme] Give me                  Gimme a fucken brek

[Goat] Got                   Ah’ve goat the dry boak

[Goin’] Going               It’s goin’ tae piss doon

[Gonnae] Going to             Ah’m no’ gonnae gie up

[Greet] Cry      She hud a good greet at the weddin’

[Grun] Ground              Ah sneaked intae the grun

[Guid] Good      Ah gied her a right guid seein’ tae

[Hadnae\Hudnae] Hadn’t    Ah hudnae noticed his limp

[Hame] Home                          Ah’m goin’ hame

[Haud] Hold          Haud this while ah find ma keys

[Haun] Hand            Ah’ve goat tae haun it tae ye

[Headin’] Heading       Whit time ur ye headin’ oot?

[Heid] Head          Ah cannae get ma heid roon that

[Hoose] House                 Ma hoose or yir hoose?

[Hud] Had      Ah hud the rent money but ah spent it

[Hunner] Hundred        Ah’ll gie ye a hunner fir it

[Huv] Have              Huv ye nae idea, ya arsehole

[Huvn’t] Haven’t           Ye huvn’t a clue, huv ye?

[Huvvin’] Having          Ah’m huvvin a bad day, man

[Intae] Into      Jimmy an his wife’s intae swingin’

[Isnae] Is not                          Naw he isnae

[Ithers] Others           Therr’s ithers at it an aw

[Jacksie] Backside    He needs a kick up the jacksie

[Jakey] Alcoholic \ street person  He’s jist a jakey

[Jestin’] Kidding                 She’s only jestin’

[Jist] Just                         Ah’m jist gutted

[Kiddin’] Kidding         Yeh’ve goat tae be kiddin’

[Knaw] Know         How d’ye knaw she’s oan the game

[Knawn] Known   Ah widnae hae knawn ‘til ah seen her

[Lappin’] Consuming \ soaking    She’s lappin’ it up

[Lend a few quid] Borrow some money

                  Lend us a few quid, man. Ah’m skint

[Ma] My             She threw me oot o’ ma ain hoose

[Ma] Mother              She went tae stay wi her ma

[Mair] More        It’s mair than likely she’ll come

[Maistly] Mostly      It’s maistly crap in thon shop

[Man] Often added to the end of the sentence, addressing the listener          Fir fucks sake, man

[Masel’] Myself                    Ah’m goin’ masel’

[Maw] Mother            Even his maw disnae like him

[Maybees] Maybe \ Perhaps   Maybees aye, maybees naw

[Melted] Battered \ hit firmly   She fair melted him

[Mind] Remember        Mind yer heid oan the doorway

[Minge] Vagina \ derogatory term for woman

              She’s got a minge like the clyde tunnel

[Missus] Wife     Him an his missus are splittin’ up

[Mister] term for a child addressing a man

              Mister, can a huv wan o’ your sweeties?

[Mither] Mother   Ah had tae sneak in past ma mither

[Mooth] Mouth       She’s goat a right mooth oan her

[Nae] No                      Yeh’ve goat nae chance

[Nae probs] No problems \ OK          Nae probs, man

[Naebody] Nobody    Therr’s naebody listenin’ tae ye

[Needin’] Needing              Ah’m needin some gear

[No] not             Yer no’ goin’, an’ that’s final

[Noo] Now                        Ah cannae leave noo

[Nuthin'] Nothing             He left me wi’ nuthin’

[O'] Of                           Yer a bag o’ shite

[Oan] On                  Come oan, ah huvnae aw day

[Offy] Off-licence \ liquor store  

                        D’ye hear the offy was robbed

[Onywan] Anyone            Is onywan goin’ tae toon?

[Onyway] Anyway            Who knows aboot it onyway   

[Oot] Out                   Ah’m goin oot o’ ma mind

[Park yer arse] Sit down         Park yer arse therr

[Perr] Pair           She’s goat a right perr on her

[Pig] Police, derogatory term  He’s no bad fur a pig  

[Plook] Spot, Pimple    Ah’ve a plook like a volcano

[Polis] Police       The polis were askin’ questions

[Poontang] Girls \ sex  I get mair poontang than you

[Rippin’ the pish] Taking the mickey

             Ah hate folk rippin’ the pish out o’ me

[Roon] Round             She’ll come roon in the end

[Rozzer] Police, derogatory term   It’s the Rozzers!

[Score] Get drugs       Ah’ need tae score some gear

[Scran] Food                   D’ye want some scran?

[Seen] Saw                 Ah seen that ye’d arrived

[Shirt-lifter] Gay man           Whit a shirt-lifter

[Shitehole] Disgusting building \ room

                        He lives in a right shitehole

[Sleekit] Untrustworthy, slimy   Whit a sleekit cunt

[Smack] Heroin      Ah wanted aff the smack fir guid

[Snidey] Sneaky             She’s a snidey wee bitch

[Somewan] Someone          Somewan gies a haun, here

[Spanner] Daftie       Aw, him. He’s a right spanner

[Special brew] Very strong lager, favoured by alcoholics

             Get us a couple o’ cans o’ special brew

[Stayin] Staying          Ah’m stayin at ma mither’s

[Stevo] Nickname. Many names are shortened and have ‘o’ added on            Don’t be daft, Stevo, ya bam

[Stupit] Stupid       How could ye be so stupit, man

[Sumfin’ / somethin’] Something   Sumfin’ up wi’ ye?

[Swallae] Drink            Ah do like a guid swallae

[Tae] To              Dae ye hope tae get hame soon?

[Tanned] Drank \ beat up \ break into

          We tanned two boattles o’ buckie last night

[Tap] To borrow        Can a tap ye fir a fiver, man

[Taxi ferr] Taxi Fare          It’s fir ma taxi ferr

[The berries] Brilliant   A scotch pie’s the berries

[The dug’s baws] Equally brilliant

                     Thon new film is the dug’s baws

[Therr] There                       wur nearly therr

[They’rr] They’re             They’rr in fir a shock

[Thon] That \ Those        Thon lassie’s hot as fuck

[Topped] Killed              D’ye hear he wis topped

[Trustin’] trusting          Yer too fucken trustin’

[Til] Until          Can ye no’ wait til we’re therr

[Voddy] Vodka             Ah’ll huv a voddy an’ coke

[Watter] Water       The watter’s too deep tae cross

[Wan] One           Therr’s only wan Kenny Dalgleish

[Weans] Children      She’s four weans tae three men

[Wee] Small        He’s a wee cunt, but hard as fuck

[Wernie] Weren’t     We wernie supposed tae dae that

[Wherr] Where            Wherr d’ye think yer goin’?

[Whit] What                           Whit the fuck?

[Wi’] With           Gie’s some sauce wi’ thae chips

[Willnae] Will not         He willnae try that again

[Wir] were                     We wir aw young wance

[Wis] Was                   Wis ye in the jail lang?

[Wrang] Wrong       Ah wis wrang tae pack ma joab in

[Wummin] Woman \ women     Huv ye goat a new wummin?

[Wunderin’] Wondering       Ye wunnerin whit wis up?

[Wunnered] Wondered   Ah jist wunnered if ye were in

[Wur] Were             wherr wur ye goin last night?

[Ya] You                  Get it right up ye, ya bas

[Ye] You (singular)        Ye cannae be serious, man

[Yehs] You (plural)  Yehs huvnae goat a hope in hell

[Yer] Your             Yer gonnae end up wi’ nuthin’

[Yersel’] Yourself          Please yersel’, shitface

[Aboot] [Ae] [Aff] [Ah] [Ah’ll] [Ain] [An’] [An’ aw] [Anither][Arse-bandit] [Askin’] [Auld] [Aw] [Aye] [Awready] [Baith] [Bam] [Barras] [Bas] [Bein’] [Boattle] [Boufin’] [Broo money] [Buckie][Burd] [Burst ma baws] [Calm the beans] [Cannae] [Comin'] [‘cos] [Coupon] [Dae] [Deid] [Dilutin’ juice] [Do-ins] [Doon] [Doss] [Drinkin’] [Dyin’] [Efter] [Fae] [Fanny] [Faur] [Filth] [Fir] [Fit] [Frae] [Fucken] [Fuckwit] [Fur] [Furst] [Fuzz] [Gaff] [Gaggin’] [Gear] [Gettin'] [Gie] [Gimme] [Goat] [Goin’] [Gonnae] [Greet] [Grun] [Guid] [Hadnae\hudnae] [Hame] [Haud] [Haun] [Headin’] [Heid] [Hoose] [Hud] [Hunner] [Huv] [Huvn’t] [Huvvin’] [Intae] [Isnae] [Ithers] [Jacksie] [Jakey] [Jestin’] [Jist] [Kiddin’] [Knaw] [Knawn] [Lappin’] [Lend a few quid] [Ma] [Ma] [Mair] [Maistly] [Man] [Masel’] [Maw] [Maybees] [Melted] [Mind] [Minge] [Missus] [Mister] [Mither] [Mooth] [Nae] [Nae probs] [Naebody] [Needin’] [No] [Noo] [Nuthin'] [O'] [Oan] [Offy] [Onywan] [Onyway] [Oot] [Park yer arse] [Perr] [Pig] [Plook] [Polis] [Poontang] [Ripping the pish] [Roon] [Rozzer] [Score] [Scran] [Seen] [Shirt-lifter] [Shitehole] [Sleekit] [Smack] [Snidey] [Somewan] [Spanner] [Special brew] [Stayin] [Stevo] [Stupit]

[Sumfin’/somethin’] [Swallae] [Tae] [Tanned] [Tap] [Taxi ferr]

[The berries] [The dug’s baws] [Therr] [They’rr] [Thon] [‘til] [Topped] [Trustin’]  [Voddy] [Watter] [Wan] [Weans] [Wee] [Wernie] [Wherr] [Whit] [Wi’] [Willnae] [Wir] [Wis] [Wrang] [Wummin] [Wunderin’] [Wunnered] [Wur] [Ya] [Ye] [Yehs] [Yer] [Yersel’]

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