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[Broadband router]  The box that connects a home or business to the internet.

[CCTV] Close Circuit TeleVision, now a generic term that includes digital security cameras.

[Download] Retrieving files from a remote computer, usually on the internet.

[Encrypted file] A file that you can only access with a password

[Explorer window] Microsoft Explorer is a web browser, used to search the internet.

[Find My iPhone app] A small program that allows you to track all your apple devices.

[Hard disk] The physical unit that stores all the files on a computer, or server

[Logging in] Using a username and one or more passwords to access a computer or website

[Memory card] A very small thin card that stores data; often used by cameras or phones to store photos, videos and data to transfer to computer.

[Mobile network data card] A small card that fits in a computer to access a mobile phone data network.

[Network] A collection of computers and other devices that interact through cables or wireless signal.

[Network configuration data] The software and settings that control the network and the access to and from the internet. Resides in the router.

[Network server] A specialised computer that stores all the data for an organisation. The internet is made up of many millions of servers.

[Network switch] The junction that connects all the network components and computers together with network cables.

[Notification area] The small area on a computer screen that keeps track of all the basic functions, like printers, network, screen, sound and power.

[Raspberry Pi] A very small modular computer is small which is easily programmable and very connectable. It can be used for many digital applications.

[RDP program] A small program that can take over one computer from another, sometimes from thousands of miles away.

[Terminal] Technically  a 'dumb' connection to a network without its own storage, but can sometimes be loosely used for any computer attached to the network.

[Thumbnail] A miniature on screen picture or video that expands to a full size window. They allow you to observe a number of videos on screen simultaneously

[Time-out] For some reason, a computer freezes or the screen goes blank. The computer often needs restarted to solve the problem.

[Uploading] Sending files or information from one computer to another by direct transfer.

[USB memory stick] A small memory device that plugs into a socket present on nearly every computer.

[Video mpeg files] One of the commonest formats for video stored on computers.

[Virtual private network, or VPN] A secure connection that connects a computer to an organisation's network via the internet, as if it was in the same physical location as the network. This is set up by changing settings in in the network configuration data in the network's router.

[Wireless access point, or WAP] A device attached to the network that transmits and receives radio signals, allowing computers or other devices to connect to the network without cables.

[Wireless dongle] A device that plugs into a USB socket that allows a user to connect to a Wireless Access Point (WAP)

[Workstation] Any computer connected to a network other than the server.