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Fast paced and un-put-downable I sort of wished the ending was different but it was one of hope. Loved this book. Highly recommend.

Sandra, Beauty Balm Blogspot                                                                              Read full review

Great book, had me hooked all the way through, didn't want to put it down.

Helen Walker, Goodreads                                                                                     Read full review

What a brilliant mind to have created this story. Different from what i've read before. Loved the writing style and will definitely look for more from Alan Jones.

Loo Elton, Goodreads                                                                                            Read full review

I loved this book. It simmered gently before really boiling up. The characters were so good I hated some and worried for others.

Liz Atwell, Amazon                                                                                               Read full review

What a brilliant book. I like to be immersed in a story and was not disappointed, I feel like I've just watched a film.

Diane Stapley, Amazon                                                                                               Read full review

A fast paced thriller about revenge and retribution. An enjoyable book by Alan Jones and I shall be looking for more by this author.

Tracy Fenton, TBC Head Honcho, on Amazon                                                          Read full review

A real edge of your seat thriller. A very clever novel. I just could not put it down.

An Amazon  Reader                                                                                             Read full review

A new author to me, thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. Recommended.

AB, Amazon                                                                                                       Read full review

A gripping, fast-paced thriller....Alan Jones is a writer of great skill, I was on the edge of my seat and waiting with baited breath a few times!

Aisha Hussain, Amazon                                                                                        Read full review

I had heard a lot about this book from a book club I belong to , so felt I was missing out by not reading it. Have to say I'm really pleased I read it.

BookLover, Amazon                                                                                                Read full review

Starts well but becomes unbelievable and boring

Michael Barlow, Amazon                                                                                               Read full review

Gritty, gripping and compelling, I can't recommend this book enough. It is by far one of the best books I have ever read and I'll be making Alan Jones my 'go to' author in future.

Caroline at LazySundayBookReviews                                                                                               Read full review

Bloq is a mind-blowing crime novel that hooks you right from the start; a superbly written thrill ride that builds to an electrifying climax. Its fast pace keeps you on the edge of your seat, anxious to know more, and unwilling to put it down.

Betty, BookishRegards                                                                                               Read full review

Overall Bloq is an easy to read, gripping story of an ordinary man who finds himself in an extraordinary situation. 4.5*

 Rebecca, IfOnlyICouldReadFaster                                                                                   Read full review

A story of a father searching for his missing daughter , full of suspense and emotions , this is a great fast paced crime thriller . Highly recommended

Mo, Amazon                                                                                                                   Read full review

Good plot

Andrea Mccoward, Amazon                                                                                               Read full review

The writing, the pace, the characters and the story line were all spot on - I grieved with the main character, championed his fight for the truth and prayed that he would triumph against the evil, evil men who had ruined his daughter's life. I was so completely taken up with this story that I'm sure I forgot to breathe at times!

Helen Boyce,TBC                                                                                                           Read full review

Highly recommend 'Bloq' - so much to it and had no idea what was going to happen next. Clever twists and more than 'crime fiction'.

kenneth stirling, Amazon                                                                                                 Read full review

Bloq never ceases to bring surprises right through to the final page...Bloq is a book that will stay with me for a long time too.

Cal Turner, Amazon                                                                                                         Read full review

Wow...... what a heart-wrenching, exciting, fast paced and well written gritty thriller.

Sue Kitt, Goodreads                                                                                                        Read full review

It was gripping and kept me enthralled...I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy a book with many twists and turns.

Maria Lee, Amazon                                                                                                          Read full review

Well written with characters who were well constructed and believable this is definitely a book to read and enjoy rereading again in the future.

Sue Gale, Amazon                                                                                                             Read full review

Very good story, couldnt put it down once i had started.Brilliant

Kim Randall, Amazon                                                                                                       Read full review

This was a well paced book which kept me excited to see what would happen next. There was also a great conclusion to the story.

Laine, Amazon                                                                                                               Read full review

Read it!!!

Gayle, Amazon                                                                                                               Read full review

It was ok...Started off well then went downhill. Not sure any research was done...Won't be buying any more from this  

Laura Jinni, Amazon                                                                                                                 Read full review

5 out of 5 and this book deserves much more, kept you on your toes all the way through!

Karen roach, Amazon                                                                                                       Read full review

This is a clever and compelling read that takes hold of you and just won’t let go….I heartily recommend this book and would pick up another Alan Jones book to read in a heartbeat.

Emma Welton, DampPebbles                                                                                             Read full review

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't wait to finish it but at the same time I didn't want it to end

Teresa Nikolic, Amazon                                                                                                    Read full review

From the moment Carol Ingram did not get off the train, I was totally gripped by this book.

Susie Hunter, Amazon                                                                                                      Read full review

That is just the start of a story that drags you in until you feel like you are living the story and it doesn't let you go right until the last page . The story haunts you long after you have finished it.

Sarah H, Amazon                                                                                                             Read full review

Not to give the book away so all I will say is that it grips you from the start and I couldn't put it down. I was with him all the way and felt his pain and anxiety.

Quinten Fyfe, Amazon                                                                                                      Read full review

A definite page turner....worth the sleepless nights Alan. Can't wait to try more of your books....loved it!

Nicola Bloor, Amazon                                                                                                        Read full review

Not a run of the mill tale. I liked the characters and the surprises and a satisfying conclusion. It would make a great movie!

Nicole Pierson, Amazon                                                                                                    Read full review

This book was amazing. Well written, fabulous characters (especially our hero Bill), and even although in the crime/thriller genre, packed full of emotion. I would definitely recommend as a must read!

Lynne McCartney, Goodreads                                                                                            Read full review

Loved this book from start to finish. Goes along at a cracking pace.

Judith Walker, Goodreads                                                                                                 Read full review

I found the chapters racing by and everything was on hold until I had finished this well thought out, well executed book that has the perfect blend of emotions, tension and drama and it is a book that I urge lovers of the genre to read.

Helen Claire, Batty About Books                                                                                       Read full review

Once I got into this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really felt for Bill and as the story moved on, I grew to like him more and more. The ending didn't really surprise me, I was waiting for something like that, and it was the only way it could end. I look forward to reading more books by Alan.

Handbaglover, Amazon                                                                                                    Read full review

This book is very well researched and brilliantly plotted with characters who are so real that you feel you know them. The writing is crisp and enticing. A book that will keep you up at night while you say to yourself 'just one more chapter'

Carol Ellis, Amazon                                                                                                         Read full review

Brilliant read.

Betsy Freeman Reavley, Amazon                                                                                       Read full review

This book is a diamond in the rough.....The execution of the plot is not only action-packed but intelligent – a rare combination. What’s more, the author manages to pack an unexpected emotional punch. This is a great story.

Barbara Copperthwaite, Amazon                                                                                          Read full review

The structure and attention to detail gave this story credibility and realism, and at times the narrative is disturbing.

Angie, Amazon                                                                                                                     Read full review

This story pulls you into its very core and once you start reading you just can't stop. The twists and turns are breath taking and just when you think you know what's going to happen the direction changes.

Adele Chisnall, Amazon                                                                                                          Read full review

The cast of supporting characters are well brought to life, and there is a massive twist at the end that will have you really thinking abut this book for a long time after you’ve finished it!

Stacey, ItTakesaWoman                                                                                                          Read full review

This was literally the best book I've read in ages!!!! Had me gripped from beginning to end.... Compelling and fast paced with an incredible storyline ....you WONT be disappointed a MUST READ. I'm so excited for more by this author!!!! Super impressed!!!!! � well done Alan and thank you for such a fantastic book!!!!!

Zoee Smith, Amazon                                                                                                          Read full review

There is so much depth to this excellent novel, so much I haven't mentioned and so much you simply need to discover for yourself....but be careful, once you are hooked.....there is no turning back.

Clare Ogden, TheAddictionofbooks                                                                                       Read full review

For me, Alan Jones has an incredilbe way of drawing you into his books right from the outset, he then throws you around for a bit and then spits you out at the end and I love every minute of it.

Neats Wilson, The Haphazardous Hippo                                                                                 Read full review

This is one of the best books I have read. Without giving anything away it is a fascinating unusual story.

Val Spencer, Amazon                                                                                                          Read full review

Wow....drawn in from the very first page... Brilliant storyline and, I fear, maybe a lot of reality. Think this could be one of the big books of the year.

Caroline Clancy, Goodreads                                                                                                   Read full review

So many twists and turns and such clearly drawn characters made this a book I struggled to put down. Really not what I expected and therefore even better!

Louise, Goodreads                                                                                                                Read full review

That is just the start of a roller coaster of a book . It draws you in and it's almost like you are living the story . The story lingers in your thoughts long after you have read it.

Sarah, Goodreads                                                                                                                   Read full review

The author has written a great book that hooks you from the very first page and doesn't let up all the way through.

Michelle Driscoll, Goodreads                                                                                                  Read full review

This is the first book of Alan Jones that I have read but I will certainly be reading more....Highly recommended.

Sandra Foy, ReadingWrites                                                                                                      Read full review

It was thrilling, sharp, and full of danger. And as for the ending? Wow. Absolutely spot-on. I really don't think the author could have ended this novel in a more powerful way.

Rebecca, Becca's Books                                                                                                       Read full review

Wow. OMG. Wow. Absolutely amazing read.

Susan Wallace                                                                                                                     Read full review

After a few vows of ‘one more chapter’ I realised I couldn't put it down and had to keep reading to the finish.

Colette Lamberth, Goodreads                                                                                                 Read full review

…gritty crime thriller with an emotional kick!!

Ellen Devonport, Goodreads                                                                                                    Read full review

The moment Carol did not get off that train, I was totally gripped.

Susan Hunter, Goodreads                                                                                                       Read full review

In my opinion, there is not a single word wasted, nor is there anything lacking.

Kath, Goodreads                                                                                                                    Read full review

..an emotionally charged book full of characters who make you feel for them.

Sean Talbot, seansbookreviews                                                                                                Read full review

I was hooked from the first page until the end. This is a must read book and if I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Audrey Gibson, Goodreads                                                                                                       Read full review

This was indeed a gritty crime thriller....I would give this a 4.5 stars and a highly recommended read.

Monica Mac, Goodreads                                                                                                              Read full review

The structure and attention to detail gave this story credibility and realism, and at times the narrative is disturbing.

Angela, Goodreads                                                                                                                    Read full review

Wow! Read it in a day. From the first page of action to the last it was a thrilling piece of writing, which gave me some gasp out loud 'OMG!' Moments.

Nicola Mitchell, Goodreads                                                                                                        Read full review

Outstanding book and I would definitely recommend it.

Lynn Fisher, Goodreads                                                                                                               Read full review

…you do absolutely HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! It grabbed hold of me from the graphically described “funeral” on the first page and wouldn’t let me go.

Joanne Robertson, MyChestnutReadingTree                                                                                 Read full review

This is a gritty crime novel that had me gripped from page one. In Bloq we are taken on a rollercoaster ride and there are so many twists through out the book I was left speechless and breathless.

Dee-CeeTaylor, ItsAllAboutTheBooks                                                                                          Read full review

Bloq at times is a very disturbing read, it’s also dark and full of suspense, well plotted with characters who were so realistic I shed a tear for them, because I totally bought into their story.

Lorraine, The Book Review Cafe                                                                                                  Read full review

In truth I couldn't put this story down and I was up at 6am today reading, as I was desperate to find out the ending.…4.5/5 stars

Nicola Hughes, Goodreads                                                                                                          Read full review

The story captured me immediately and wouldn't let me go; I devoured the book in 24 hours…4.5/5 stars

Claire, Goodreads                                                                                                                      Read full review

This book drew me really in and I actually thought I was in the storyline as a character, such was my emotions reading it.

Angela, Goodreads                                                                                                                     Read full review


“Bloq” is another great, gritty crime thriller from Alan Jones!

Carol, Goodreads                                                                                                                       Read full review

Another WOW twist ending in this one too! I love those kinds of endings! Alan has it perfected  

 Peggy Ann’s Post                                                                                                                        Read full review

This is the third novel from Alan Jones and it is a cracking read from start to finish.

Chris Nolan, Goodreads                                                                                                                 Read full review

A stunning story not just about a missing girl but much, much more…One of the best books I have ever read.  

Misfits farm, Goodreads                                                                                                              Read full review

This is one hell of a roller coaster ride you won't forget in a hurry. Alan takes you on a journey…

Jackie, Goodreads                                                                                                                         Read full review

Good reading and one I would recommend to other members.

Mark Pearce, Goodreads                                                                                                                 Read full review

…at one point dropped my kindle and sat in shock for a number of minutes.  

Gail, Goodreads                                                                                                                             Read full review